Alternative Medicine: Ayurveda dissolves Kidney Stones
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Alternative Medicine
to dissolve Kidney Stones painlessly

Destroy the root - not just the symptom! It Will Never Form Again!

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Testimonials of those who benefited recently

Suzanne Alexander
Sacramento, California (USA)

Once she was completely cured by our Miracle Medical Powder, she became so happy & enthusiastic that she started promoting our medicine on the internet (MySpace) and on her car!
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Gangadhar Malagouda Patil
Hebbal (just 7 Km away from our place), India

His medical reports from Government Hospital, Belgaum (before & after taking our medicine)
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Kallappa Bhima Hebbale
Bugadikatti, Gadhinglaj, Maharashtra, India
Mobile: +91 9763530162

When he got cured he volunteered to sent us the following letter stating that his Kidney Stones dissolved.
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New York, USA

After trying various other methods, he reached us and got cured within 3 days. And he sent the following email and image without our request!
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Naushad A. Mokashi
Ghodageri, Karnataka, India

One surprisingly we recieved the following photo from Naushat. In fact we often receive such photos from many patients.


Michele Luna
New Caney, Texas, Mexico.

We had several correspondence and phone calls until one day she said her pain was gone. When requested, she sent her testimonial without any hesitation.
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Datta Ramu Patil
Sarole (near Ajara), Maharashtra, India

He took the medicine and came with the Kidney Stone in hand, the next day!


Maruthi Kedari Kore
Chikkodi (24 Km away from our town)

His kidney stones dissolved in 2 weeks!


Vilasrao Ganapati Mali
Nippani (23 Km away from our town)

His kidney stones dissolved in less than 6 weeks!


Those were just a few out of thousands of people who benefited from our medicine. If we have to publish the complete list, we may have to create a database system!


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