Alternative Medicine: Ayurveda dissolves Kidney Stones
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Alternative Medicine
to dissolve Kidney Stones painlessly

Destroy the root - not just the symptom! It Will Never Form Again!

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Our Vaidya Parampara (Ancestry of Doctors):

My Grand Father Late Mr. Basappa Siddappa Patil

Vaidya Basappa Siddappa Patil, my grand father, used to give medicine for skin diseases, fever, insect bite, dog bite, scorpion bite, etc. Apart from that was an excellent Astrologer.


My Father Late Mr. Siddappa Basappa Patil

Vaidya Siddappa Basappa Patil, my father, recently passed away at the age of 87, was a Registered Medical Practitioner (year 1984 Karnataka Ayurveda and Unani Practitioners Board, Bangalore-Karnataka State, India). He had the knowledge of Homeopathy by passing course in Karnataka Homeopathic College, Malleswaram, Bangalore-9 in the year 1972. My father continued to develop the Knowledge of Traditional Medical System that he got from his father and from the experience of last 30 years. He developed the "Miracle Medical Powder for Dissolving Kidney Stones". He got amazing results on Hysteria and Jaundice also.


Myself Dr. Mahadev Siddappa Patil  At The Ayurveda Conference Bangalore (1990) with Shri Jayaprakash Narayan

I am Dr. Mahadev Siddappa Patil, 43 years, spreading the knowledge of Ayurveda. (Rt Photo - Ayurveda Conference Attended in the year 1990, receiving the Certificate and kit from, the then Chairman)

Note on Ayurveda & Vaidya Parampara:
These days one can gain MBBS degree by joining a college of ayurveda. But in the good olden days, this science of life was taught by father (a traditional doctor) to his son. I am from one such family that practiced medicine for hundreds of years.


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