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          ? ODM/OEM PC and TV bracket
          ? PC/TV bracket parts
          ? Non-standard precision stampings
          ? Speaker accessories
          Our stamping equipment has played 400 tons from 60 tons, including: 400 tons of hydraulic machines, biaxial 300 tons, 200 tons, biaxial 160 tons, 110 tons, 100 tons, 80 tons, 60 tons and automated precision lathes, welding machine ......
          Under the guidance of the concept of QCD, mold design from the outset, it has been refined to help customers minimize the use of materials required to reduce costs, enabling customers to get the most benefit. ......
          Company Profile
           Dongguan Songbo Electronics Hardware Co., Ltd is Located in the famous industrial city of Dongguan, Guangdong Province, which is Taiwan Dong Wei Group's largest manufacturing base in the mainland. We have been specialized in design and production of PC/TV bracket, high precision stamping parts,lathe parts etc.. Our product includes: PC/LCD TV bracket, loudspeakers, screws, computer parts, Precision electronic hardware components, building hardware and many other precision hardware products for almost 30 years.  ……  [Details]


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          Address: Xinxing Industrial Zone, Shijie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. PRC ??Tel: + 86-769-86636089 ??Fax: + 86-769-86322233
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